A grassroots movement to bring attention to the urgent need for federal medical cannabis legislation

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As advocates, we are building a movement which was started long before we became a part. We stand on the shoulders of those activists and advocates who came before us. There would be no access to medical cannabis without the work of advocates. There are far too many to be named here, but we are tremendously grateful for their work!

Makenna Campbell, Jill Carriero, Debbie Churgai, Scott Cohn, Demitri Downing, Candy Flores, Gregory Frye, Erin Gorman Kirk, Chris Grisiola, Dustin Hoxworth, Dorothy Jones, Amy Lansford Matthews, Brian Lindeen, Piper Lindeen, Rita Lynn, Heather MacKinnon, Amy Marasco, Jessie Nackord, Marshall Ogen, Jill Osborn, Bryan Passman, Codi Peterson, Susan Seiler, Stacey Watrobski, Eric Williamson, David Vaillencourt, Blake Villa, Jenny Waldo, Jill Wanner, Aaron J. Weese, Kelly Whitt Helms, Jacob Wiggins, Latham Woodward, Connor Wright, Michelle Wright, and

all of the wonderful people who participated in #AirShredforASA!

Thank you to all who participate and share! We couldn't make a a difference without you!

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