A grassroots movement to bring attention to the urgent need for federal medical cannabis legislation

How to #shredtheschedule:

1. Print out this sheet or write “DEA Schedule Status of Cannabis shredtheschedule.com" on a sheet of paper.

2. Print this script as an aide. With your phone, record yourself saying, “I support federal access to medical cannabis. I challenge [insert names of 3 people] to shred the schedule. You have 48 hours.” You don't have to show your face and can challenge cannabis activists, politicians, celebrities or influencers. Just make sure to tag them.

3. While still recording, show the paper to the camera and tear it in half.

4. Stop recording and hit the share button.

5. Post to all of your networking platforms with #ShredtheSchedule #SafeAccessNow #ASAChallenge #medicalcannabis

6. Text or email those you challenged, thanking them for participating.

7. Watch your actions grow into a critical mass behind medical cannabis legislation.

8. Visit SafeAccessNow.org for more ways to be involved in medical cannabis advocacy. (Optional)

9. Send us a video of you telling why medical cannabis access is important to you. These perspectives will be shared on our YouTube Channel so others can understand the importance of this issue.

Why is it a problem?

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How do we fix it?

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Patients are struggling for their lives RIGHT NOW!

Medical Cannabis is an issue with the bipartisan support of 93% of Americans.

We can compel Congress to act WITH YOUR HELP!

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