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Why is the Schedule Status of Cannabis a Problem

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Barriers to Care

Though many states have passed laws allowing doctors to recommend cannabis as a medicine, many Americans live in states without medical cannabis laws.

Federal employees, contractors, and veterans participating in VA Care are prohibited from becoming medical cannabis patients, even if they qualify within their state.

Patients risk arrest and prosecution when they cross state and international lines with their medications, even if they are registered patients.

Schedule 1 substances are prohibited from federal property, keeping anyone benefitting from public housing from becoming a medical cannabis patient, even if they qualify in their state.

Because Schedule 1 drugs cannot be prescribed, insurance doesn’t cover their costs, leaving cannabis medicine out of reach for those unable to afford the costs.

Medical cannabis expenses cannot be claimed with other healthcare expenses as tax deductions. With the tremendous difficulties of dealing with severe health issues, why do we saddle patients and their families with this additional unjust financial burden?

Barriers to Knowledge

Access to research is limited, difficult to have approved and funded, and has been biased toward showing harms. With the potential for cannabis in treating rare and refractory conditions,

why would we shackle American ingenuity to find effective treatments, or even cures for these disorders???

Educational institutions are reluctant to teach about cannabis and cannabinoids for risk of losing federal funding.

In continuing to propagate the lie that cannabis belongs with the most dangerous drugs, the public lacks a resource for honest education on the true potential harms of cannabis.

Barriers to Commerce

Prohibition of interstate commerce limits medical cannabis businesses potential for growth, but also limits patients from accessing products which are not made within their state.

Unfair tax burdens: Tax code 280e forces businesses which handle cannabis to pay taxes on revenue, rather than profit. Imagine paying more in taxes than your total profit margin!

Barriers to Standards

With piecemeal legislation from state to state, testing and labeling standards are not uniform throughout the country. Patients need to be confident that their cannabis medications are safe and consistent!

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